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From our family's first visit to Honolulu and Oahu's North Shore back in 1975, Hawaiian Shave Ice has been part of our family.

We immediately knew that we had to bring Hawaiian Shave Ice to the mainland to share this tropical island treat with many that have never experienced this long-standing Hawaiian tradition.

Like our original Hawaiian inspirations, we've been dedicated to using the finest ingredients and environment-friendly supplies to create our delicious made to order Shave Ice treats. We are proud to continue this nearly 100 year old Hawaiian tradition.


Is It A Snack, Treat, Thirst-Quencher, Dessert Or A Guilty Pleasure?


The answer is “yes” to all of ’em!

Shave Ice is a refreshing island treat that has been a tradition in Hawaii since the days of the 1920’s when Japanese immigrants flocked to the islands to work on the sugar plantations.

Is It "Shave Ice?"

Yes, It’s “Shave” Ice, not “ShaveD” Ice (as it is and has always been in Hawaii, a sign of true Hawaiian tradition -  “shaveD” often identifies a less-quality imitation).


So What Is True Hawaiian Shave Ice?

Shave Ice are NOT snow cones (no crushed ice here), but rather a much more finely shaven ice treat served with your choice of our custom-blended delicious fruit flavors and extras such as a scoop of ice cream and our popular whitecap (sweet condensed milk) on top.

Hula Duke's blends our flavors using our own family recipes made without high fructose corn syrup, offering fantastic flavors resulting in a fluffy and tasty Hawaiian treat that will make your mouth come alive with excitement.

Take a bite, close your eyes and feel a soft Hawaiian breeze and the true aloha spirit in each and every taste. It melts in your mouth with flavor and delight until the very last bite.

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